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Sealed with a loving...monogram!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Do you drool over Pinterest images of invitation seals? Any search for wedding stationery will produce at least one image with a monogrammed seal. These gorgeous coins of colour are sure to add a touch of class to your invitations. But just how easy are they to make?

Recently one of my wedding clients wanted to have a seal for her wedding invitations, so I set about making up samples using wax purchased on a trip to Venice. Even before I had packed the samples for our meeting, I had broken two of the seals, so I had written them off as utterly impractical for anything other than a Pinterest photo shoot!

However, I don't like not being able to give my clients exactly what they want, so I persevered, trying out different 'waxes' and have the following tips for anyone wishing to recreate this look. Firstly, don't think 'wax'...think 'glue'!

Materials + Tools

  • a glue gun that can be set at a low temperature

  • glue sticks in your chosen colour

  • a custom-made monogram seal (with a handle)

  • a heat proof surface or sheet

  • round double sided stickers.

Oh, and lots of time!

How to...

  1. Insert a glue stick into your gun, switch it on and set to a low heat.

  2. Once the glue is melting (it will start to come out when you press the gun), press the gun three times onto your heat-proof surface to make a pool of glue and set the gun aside aside.

  3. Gently press your seal onto the glue in a circular motion until you see a circle of glue surround the seal and leave it to sit for a few minutes until it cools. Don't press it too heavily as you only want to make an impression in the glue, not cut through it.

  4. When it has cooled, gently ease the seal off the glue or the surface (the glue will remain stuck to either the seal or the surface) and then gently ease it off the other one. Set aside and repeat.

  5. When your finished seals have completely cooled, apply a double sided round sticker to the reverse and you have your seal ready to put onto your invitation.

Glue vs Wax

  • glue is more flexible and durable than wax

  • you will get a more consistent result with the glue gun as opposed to candle-melted wax/glue and it is easier to handle

  • there is no wastage with the glue gun


  • only use a glue that melts at low temperature

  • you can speed up the process by using two identical monogrammed seals

  • don't melt glue at high heat as this will stick to your seal

  • don't create your seal directly onto your invitations - they don't always come out perfect and you'll have ruined an invitation in the process

And if all of this sounds like far too much hassle, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas for your perfect monogrammed wedding stationery!


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