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The Perfect Gay Wedding Invitations

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

While it's true that many wedding invitations can have their wording customised for same-sex weddings, it was always my intention when I started AniMac Wedding to make every couple feel special.

When I commissioned my range of Graphic Wedding Invitation designs from the super-talented, contemporary artist Ruth Slater, I requested designs in her stunning wirework style for couples of all sexes and I was blown away by what she presented.

The Together design on the left is still one of my favourites from the entire collection! It is a truly elegant, contemporary invitation that conjures up everything a wedding is about...the togetherness of true love.

Of course, the wording on all of my stationery can be fully customised, but for gay couples planning their wedding invitations, the design doesn't need to be a compromise!

The Together wedding invitation really makes a statement and is sure to have your guests excited about your special day.

Get in touch to order your very own bespoke version of the Together invitations


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